Welcome to the first Ruedathon Paris 2015!

Associate Cuban dance to the history of Paris.

In 2013 and 2014, a dozen of casineros dancers in New Yorkers have made history with the first Ruedathon New York City.
Ruedathon arrived now in Paris, a day of dance and endurance during which the casino ruedas are organized through the neighborhoods of Paris, following a precise path.

Thank you for sharing this invitation to your friends who love Rueda de Casino and attach them to the group to follow the news: https://www.facebook.com/groups/flashmobcasino/

The course of the game are on the menu to the left (Registration facebook for single path)
- 7 thema of courses
- Spots to dance the Rueda de Casino
- Sportswear (good basket)
- A phone or a small speaker to put music
- A watch for time management
- A smartphone for GPS guidance
- Sports camera or smartphone or camera to film the ruedas
- Training at the Rueda de Casino (tip: take weeks Open in dance schools)
- A common pot to allow the organization of a picnic salsa, thanks to the sponsorship of the association Paris Enjoy Social https://payname.fr/c/wN7Nob/Ruedathon-2015.
If everyone gives 1 or 2 euros, we can meet the logistic requirements (hardware, enclosure, power supply, etc ...). Secure site for collective action support.

- At your sneakers, motivate your friends !!